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Carolina Polygraph Services strives to be the premiere source for polygraph examinations for Greenville, Columbia, Charleston, and all areas in between. Our examiners are licensed by the State of South Carolina to perform examinations tailored to meet the needs of our customers. We perform only valid, unbiased, and impartial polygraph examinations for the sole purpose of determining the truth.

Regardless if you are a business owner experiencing internal loss, an attorney in search of answers, or a family member dealing with credibility issues, a properly conducted polygraph examination may provide the truth you need. Please search our site and determine if we can be the solution to your problem. Below are polygraph resources; professional associations that we are members of that will provide you with scientific, accurate, and valid information about polygraph. Our SERVICES page will describe in a bit more detail what our services consist of and how we can meet your needs.

If any questions that you have are not answered within this site, please visit the CONTACT page and feel free to call or email; day or night. We will ensure that all of your polygraph questions are answered in order for you to make the decisions you need to determine the truth.